Darwin Concierge provides travel companies with a branded, secure platform from which their clients and prospects can interact and manage their entire travel arrangements from quotations, tailoring of product selection and conversion to booking, pre-departure booking administration, in-trip access to all itinerary and document information and post-trip feedback.

Accessible via a desktop browser or in the form of a downloadable app for Apple and Android devices, Darwin Concierge allows clients to have their travel 'world' with them wherever and whenever they wish, online or offline. Strong branding means that your own app can be easily installed and always appears as a desktop icon on client devices. Advanced features include 'on-holiday mode' and push notifications.


The Darwin Concierge Team

Darwin Concierge

It's all about the Client ...

With Darwin Concierge, everything is about your client. With a single login, your clients have in one place their entire client history. Multiple enquiries spanning several years (past, present and future) can all be easily navigated within a user-friendly app.

As you, the tour operator creates proposals and quotations, these become immediately available for your client to view, giving an instant professional and paperless feel. The client can easily navigate a series of different quotes and proposals to decide which is best for their holiday and when ready, make their booking through a simple booking process. Whether they are using the app to choose their holiday, prepare before they depart, as a companion whilst they are travelling or to even look back and reminisce on their previous travels, everything is in Darwin Concierge.

Darwin Concierge

Our Mission

Darwin Concierge is developed by EEC Software, developers of the successful Darwin Tour Operator Platform. Trusted by many Tailor-made and group tour operators, Darwin has become the backbone of those businesses and with over 12 years of proven track record providing innovative, cloud based SaaS software solutions, Darwin has evolved to become a comprehensive and powerful platform.

Our mission throughout has been Keep Things Simple!. All too often we see companies produce software that is hugely complex, leaving users fumbling and often 'fighting' their systems. Instead we focus on the essentials - we don't focus on 'everything you can think of' - we focus on delivering 'the things you need' to run an efficient, lean and effective business.

The Team

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Darwin Concierge

Tim Butterworth

Founder & CEO
Darwin Concierge

Clive Eisen

Darwin Concierge

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