What it does

Pre travel - quote conversion tool

Step 1. As the provider of quotations and bookings, you as The Tour Operator or Travel Agent will handle the enquiry for a client. For each enquiry, you may create of course different options - maybe as different individual quotations or as options within quotes, depending on how your business process is set up. These are then published to Darwin Concierge. If you are using the Darwin Platform, this is seamless in real-time; if you have your own reservation system, our API allows you to publish your client content to Concierge (see below).

Step 2. The client accesses Darwin Concierge. They can view in a browser, download the app to their device either as a progressive or native app - we recommend a native app for the best customer experience. From there, the client logs in to their secure account area.

Step 3. The client has access to their entire account. They will therefore browse through the various quotes that you are presenting to them. If you have created quotes with optional items - for example room upgrades - the client can interact with the quotation, add and remove the various options and finalise the best holiday for them. When they are happy with their selection. a simple booking process allows them to place the booking with you. If you are using the Darwin platform, this booking is seamless and integrated with the Platform; if you are using your own reservation system our webhooks will notify you when a client makes a booking.

Post-booking, In-trip and Post-trip

Step 4. Once booked, Darwin Concierge can reduce Tour Operator administration as it provides important booking management features to allow clients to update their pre-departure information - importantly all of the passenger details, ages, date of birth, passport information and so on. Of course, your clients can also pay directly through Darwin Concierge.

Step 5. Before and during travel, Darwin Concierge provides a powerful resource area for your clients to see their itinerary and all important booking related information. Full itineraries, contact numbers, maps, hotel information, vouchers, etickets - all available to the traveller before they depart and whilst they are travelling. If downloaded as a native app, all of this is available both on-line and off-line.

Step 6. Finally, when the holiday is over - seamlessly get the client feedback with an intuitive, personalised feedback form within Darwin Concierge.

User Interface

Darwin Concierge comes with a comprehensive user interface. It is in fact a restricted version of the full Darwin Tour Operator Platform. Most non-Darwin users of course will likely publish data to Darwin Concierge using our API's - but itineraries may always need a level of interaction and tweaking before being presented to a client. So, within the user interface you have access to the full client database, quote and itinerary builder and product areas. In time, if you want to consider doing so, it is a seamless upgrade to move to the full Darwin platform which introduces powerful financial, reporting, accounting and workflow management features.

Technicalities - the API

The Darwin API - the same API used for the main Tour Operator Platform - provides a Restful JSON API which is used to send data to Darwin Concierge. This allows you to 'publish' a client record in its entirety to the Darwin Concierge app.

Additionally, webhooks can be configured to notify your back office systems when events occur on Darwin Concierge - for example when a quote is converted to a booking or when passenger details are updated.