How much does it cost?

The pricing structure for Darwin Concierge is tiered, based on your projected level of annual usage. Usage relates to the number of Active Clients that will access Concierge during a 12 month period.

Concierge is by design a Client focussed tool. Your clients of course enquire, you create quotations for them and quotations are converted to bookings which ultimately then travel. But all of these activities relate to the lead client. Your clients can access their records on Concierge, where they can view quotes, modify them, convert quotes to bookings, add pre-departure traveller details, pay and download documents. Irrespective of what information a client views, or what actions they may take, they are working in the context of their overall client record.

An active client is therefore one client that has accessed their record on Concierge. It doesn't matter how many times they access it within a year, or what they do within Concierge - once they have accessed Concierge, it is recorded as an active client. Your overall active client count is therefore the number of distinct clients that have logged in to Concierge.

The Concierge App is intended to be branded to your own company look and feel - your logo's, your colours and fonts. Functionally the app is very much consistent across all companies. However, we appreciate that not all businesses are the same and therefore you may have some specific requirements that you may want built in to your own version of the app. We are happy discuss these customisations with you and do our best to accommodate your specific needs. Just let us know what you need.

Pricing Models

Our mission is to keep things simple - simple products, simple pricing - so that you know where you stand!

Darwin Concierge

Active Clients

500 clients/yr - £150/mth
1000 clients/yr - £225/mth
2000 clients/yr - £375/mth
5000 clients/yr - £495/mth
10000 clients/yr - £675/mth